North Shore Oil & Propane – The Propane Dealer of Choice

We are proud to be the North Shore’s propane dealer of choice. Our long history of service in the region means we’re committed to safety and customer satisfaction. As your local ThompsonGas company, we are in the business of taking care of our friends and neighbors – and we are committed to offering our customers better service, more products and an excellent overall value.

North Shore Oil & Propane customers have long enjoyed:

  • Responsive, caring customer service from a trusted, local staff
  • Diverse options of propane and heating oil products
  • Dependable, industry-leading service

For the past 50 years, North Shore Oil & Propane has been locally owned and operated. We work where we live, and we care about and contribute our local communities. What’s important to you is important to us, too.

Our Employees
As a service provider, our employees are our most valuable asset. These are the people who represent North Shore Oil & Propane to our customers. Some have been with us their entire working careers, others have come and stayed because we’re a great place to work. We provide the training, support and resources they need to do their jobs well. We offer more to our customers by approaching our work as a team.

Our Technicians
Today’s heating systems are sophisticated and complex, requiring highly-skilled technicians to do the job right. We employ the region’s top technicians to be sure our customers always enjoy quality service.

Our Customers
Our customers place a high value on the level of service we provide and the demonstrated commitment we make to our communities. During a cold Minnesota winter, our customers trust us to take the worry out of heating their homes and businesses.

North Shore Oil & Propane is proud to be a ThompsonGas company. The ThompsonGas Family grows more every day, and we're proud to say that all the high-quality propane companies under the ThompsonGas umbrella have been introduced into the fold. North Shore Oil & Propane customers will have greater resources through ThompsonGas such as more reliable fuel supply and delivery service.